With a little Help from my… Hands

By Véronique Felenbok 7 ans ago

conception, musique, interprétation Roland Auzet

“Art is a game between all people of all ages.”— Marcel Duchamp

Music is a tool to create and consolidate a totality, a community of reflections on our daily lives.
A bare hands is a sound performance, focused like a magnifying glass on an object that we know well. With my “bare hands,” I will look at … a car. We’ll have an intimate encounter that will reveal the joys of rhythms and sounds.

From the time we were children we have played with and in cars. We travel in them, for sure, but we also talk, take shelter from the rain, eat, and make love in them. Sometime we even live in them…a sad fact too often the case today.
The car as object will live through sound. It is not mute but its language is secret. It is the secret of all secrets. It contains all the worlds. It is our history; it is.

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le 31 janvier 2018

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