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Théâtre musical – Avec Aiyun Huang (percussions) et Mark Fewer (violon)
Conception et mise en scène Roland Auzet
Musiques Julia Cauley, Lee Hwa Huong, Alexandre Singier – CNSMD de Lyon

Directeur technique : Denis Martin
Lumières : Cédric Delorme-Bouchard et Tiffanie Boffa
Documentation: Ankit Mastakar, Josh Weinfeld, et Fish Yu
Directeur de production : Hoi Tong Keung


Création Kingston, Canada

Coproduction ACTOpus et Université de Toronto


The scene is divise in two The bodies are different the disorder is twinning.

Sometimes movements are identical, gestures and postures are the same.

It is said that after several years, a man and a woman are alike and the same body.

They try and try to continue to talk and be alone or with other … There are missed opportunities and desires to escape …

They looking each other in space, play music and interpret additional unknowingly listen to voice mails and audio messages …

They seek to know where the other while not knowing that it is within oneself.This research will be a source of passion, tear, sensuality absolute and continuous quest.

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Création du 20 au 27 août 2023, Kingston, Canada

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